Tips to Accelerate Laboratory Billing Better

Managing a clinical laboratory service is difficult. While it is crucial to commit to the time constraints and accuracy measures, these only form a portion of the total service. After health records are processed, tests have been employed, results compiled, there needs to be a payment collected for these services. In the current healthcare landscape, ensuring that your billing practices are performed efficiently and accurately can be more intimidating than other facets of laboratory work. Here are some top tips to help accelerate Laboratory Billing. With Acrev Solutions, this process of billing can be automated, and ensure the satisfaction of your team, while accelerating this process. 

What a Refined Laboratory Information Management System can Offer

First, it is important for laboratory managers to understand what they precisely need from their billing department. Most labs will typically rely on an internal billing system, or outsource the tenuous deed to a third party. Regardless of where it takes place, a proper LIMS will have the ability to extract laboratory test claims to the billing software through an electronic data interface, the software should then be able to accept the claims and ease the verification/submission process to the appropriate payer. 

What to Look for When Searching for a Provider

When searching for a particular billing system or service provider, it is important to highlight that there are many choices to pick from. Some may have experience, and others may not. When asking potential billing companies about their services, the first question you should ask is whether or not they have had experience with Lab customers. There is a difference between working with Electronic Medical Records software and interfacing with them and their billing processes. Their software may or may not have had the ability to handle the information, since it was designed solely for EMR’s. 

Many laboratory services use the same companies, but all will differ in how they bill. Flexibility in the software is key. Some may employ CPT codes, others may pass order/panel codes or test codes. When conversing with service providers, it is crucial to nail down your billing format.

The Way You Setup your Software will Affect the Billing Structure

If you bill individual patients, remember how your payer/insurance list is organized, your billing company must be able to map payer IDs from the LIMS to their system, or have the flexibility to utilize payer information that is passed. Obviously, if there is only one source of incoming orders, this may be a non-issue, but determining the dynamics of your software may impact the way you’re going to be able to organize your billing structure. 

How Acrev Solutions can Simplify your Business

With all of this information in mind, lab managers may feel overwhelmed with piling tasks and paperwork involved in tying together these processes. It is incredibly important to note that each of these jobs, systems, operations, and procedures, can be simplified with a quicker and more well-designed LIMS from the beginning, and that’s where automated billing services with Acrev Solutions come in. Our sole goal is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of our proprietary software and how it aligns with your company’s needs.