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Understanding Cost-to-Collect?

  • The cost-to-collect calculation typically includes the direct and indirect costs associated with billing, claims processing, denial management, payment posting, patient collections, and other related activities.
  • These costs may include personnel salaries, software and technology expenses, postage, paper supplies, outsourcing fees, training costs, and overhead expenses.
The formula for calculating cost-to-collect is as follows:

Cost-to-Collect =

Total Expenses Incurred in Collecting Revenue

Total Amount Collected

Why avail our Medical Billing Services?

  • By outsourcing all your associated functions of medical billing to Acrev Solutions, we are committed to helping you improve your cost-to-collect by 18%.
  • We recognize the importance of this metric in evaluating the efficiency and profitability of your revenue cycle.
  • ¬†Many medical billing companies and providers often overlook industry standard norms for cost-to-collect, which can have a negative impact on the financial health of your practice.
  • However, at Acrev Solutions, we prioritize cost containment and operational efficiency to ensure your revenue cycle performs optimally.

Functions included in Medical Billing Services:

Patient Eligibility & Benefit Investigation

Charge Entry

Medical Coding Review

Edits & EDI Rejections Control

Payment Posting

Accounts Receivable (AR) Management

Claims Denial Management

Patient Inquiries & Collection Center

Patient Statements Processing

Monthly KPI Reporting (RevDash | RevOpt)

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