The Value of Pre-Adjudication Services

There isn’t just one sole component that makes up a patient’s claim. In fact, there are a number of components making up one claim. Pre-adjudication of a patient’s claim is considered to be the assessment of the many parts a claim is made up of. The pre-adjudication process includes evaluating several factors before the window of payment occurs. These factors include evaluating patient eligibility, benefits payable and a myriad of other factors. If your laboratory is not taking advantage of Pre-Adjudication Services, you are most likely facing more obstacles and headaches. At Acrev Solutions we have fine-tuned our pre-adjudication services so that way your company can obtain the benefits without even doing the work.

As humans it’s only natural to make errors and mistakes along the way; But by using pre-adjudication technology it decreases the likelihood of errors in your claims drastically. Without the use of pre-adjudication services, here is a list of a few negative impacts your laboratory might be overlooking: data claim inaccuracy, payment errors, and more scrutiny to your company. Pre-adjudication services can eliminate the errors and risk by tenfold. If your laboratory is facing constant claims denials regarding prior authorization, referral authorization, and non-covered services, then it’s most definitely time for you to consider pre-adjudication services.

Now, we will leap into the extensive value pre-adjudication services can bring to you and your laboratory. Benefits of pre-adjudication services include, but most definitely are not limited to, higher validation of each order, expected reimbursement on tests, and a decline in your prior authorization and referral authorization denials. Not to mention these services can improve your first pass-rate; Ultimately reducing overall operational costs. The purpose of pre-adjudication technology is to allow your claims to be error-free and bring further value to your laboratory company. 

When you outsource your laboratory billing with Acrev Solutions you can finally start implementing our Pre-Adjudication Services. Reach out today and even receive a demo on our Revenue Cycle Management in laboratory billing. Our experts can guide you on what exact services we provide and the importance of integrating these services within your laboratory company. We offer a wide variety of solutions, and our team is ready to help at any time, contact us today!