Laboratories often pay much more than needed due to a lack of integration between LIMS and their billing platform. This can also cause poor document management, billing delays, and billing errors. LIMS Integration can reduce these errors and make the billing process more convenient.

  • Reduced billing lag
  • Faster cash flow

  • Reconciliation to identify TNFB (Tested Not Final Billed) claims

Benefits of LIMS Integration

There are many benefits in choosing LIMS Integration and outsourcing billing operations. Integrating patient and insurance demographics becomes more convenient as well as provider demographics, sales rep reporting, charges, and results. This ensures smooth billing and the opportunity to have cash flow from every single test all in a timely manner.

LIMS Integration with Acrev Solutions

If your laboratory is looking to outsource its billing then LIMS Integration with Acrev Solutions may be right for you. We provide the best services that improve your overall experience and optimize your revenue. If you want to learn more about our LIMS Integration, reach out to us today!

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