LIMS Integration with Acrev Solutions

The medical industry is constantly evolving. To stay relevant and be a well-performing laboratory, you must change and evolve with it. One of the best ways to continue improving and advancing your laboratory is making the switch to using LIMS Integration. Not only will implementing LIMS integration directly enhance your labs daily efficiency, but LIMS integration will also improve your labs ability to innovate more seamlessly along with the changing environment. 

What is LIMS Integration?

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a program created to help manage your laboratorys workflow, support the business, meet all regulatory and standards compliance and organize your data efficiently. A laboratorys potential data is seemingly unimaginable. Still, if you invest in a LIMS, it will become crystal clear exactly how much data your lab produced and keep all of the data managed. 

Because not all LIMS Integrations are the same, it is vital to research and think about the different options that might better fit your laboratorys needs. A lack of data and document management will affect all aspects of your laboratory, so it is best to maintain control and constantly evolve rather than fall behind, leading to your laboratory losing prestige and income. Some of the basic LIMS Integration features include:

  • Managing inventory and supplied
  • Maintaining and calibrating laboratory instruments
  • Enforcing stand operating procedures
  • Tracking and managing the location of different samples

Just because a LIMS Integration system might include these features if they dont merge with all aspects of your laboratorys daily needs, you might be paying more than necessary while also falling behind due to poor document management. All of this can cause billing delays and errors, resulting in a delay in your laboratorys cash flow. 

Laboratory Billing

Handling all of the ins and outs of your laboratorys billing needs is a full-time job that requires hiring on specific staff and hundreds on hundreds of hours. If you decide to make the jump and outsource your laboratory billing, the LIMS Integration with Acrev Solutions might be the best fit for you. Acrev SolutionsLIMS Integration covers the basics of other LIMSs while focusing on improving and fast-tracking your laboratorys billing. This will help ensure that your laboratorys billing process goes smoothly, providing your laboratory with more available funds due to a faster cash flow, a reduced billing lag, and reconciliation to identify TNFB (tested not final billed) claims. Providing your business with little oversight or time required directly from your team. Letting your employees focus on the science and data rather than the paperwork. So, if your laboratory is currently in the process of improving your efficiency, then reach out to us today at Acrev Solutions and learn how we use LIMS Integration to fit your needs and provide you with the best experience and services.