Improving Your Practice by Outsourcing Laboratory Billing Services

Outsourced laboratory billing is the wave of the future and it’s most likely the next best step your company can make. There is a vast amount of improvements your company can see when you finally take the leap to outsource your lab billing. Such as, an increase in your revenue stream, better employee satisfaction, and even an improved experience for patients.

At Acrev Solutions we know the ins and outs of what it takes in order for your company to become more successful and to never stop improving, in all facets of your business. However, we are going to address what exactly your company will see when you outsource to us.

Enriched Patient Experience

Currently, we live in a time where reviews, comments, and input can either make your company or break it. Which is why the most important thing your company can do is guarantee the best patient experience. When you outsource your patient billing services, your staff will be able to constantly provide an excellent customer service experience because they’re not having to focus on the nitty-gritty of billing. No more rushing patients in and out the door.

Decrease Operational Costs

The list of operational expenses can feel endless when running a medical laboratory. Having to worry about equipment, test supplies, rent, and every employee's salary is enough as it is. But by outsourcing your laboratory billing services, analysts believe it has the potential to reduce annual laboratory costs by 20 percent.

Boost your Revenue

Outsourcing your company's accounts receivable allows our well-equipped staff to handle all AR and make sure your company is receiving payments in a timely manner. Additionally, when you outsource. you’re not only having all billing taken care of but Revenue Cycle Management in lab billing is even offered. Providing RCM allows the best medical software to be employed which will provide insight and strategies on how exactly to boost your companies revenue.

Quicker Verification and Eligibility Times

The largest cause of claims denial is due to patient ineligibility.  Collaborating with outsourced staff instead of using your in-house staff allows a team to verify all claims and have a denial management plan. Therefore, increasing accuracy and reducing denied claims, all while having prompt verification times.

Protect Patient Data

Running a medical laboratory means you’re constantly viewing sensitive and private patient information. This is why it’s essential to have a team of professionals who can warrant and certify that all patient data is protected. When you outsource your billing services there will always be a team of professionals who know how to safeguard patient data against hackers.

Why Partner with Acrev Solutions

By choosing Acrev Solutions you will see your practice improve tremendously. Our experts along with our many years of experience in the industry have allowed us to become distinguished in what we do. One of the primary reasons we are one of the best is because our number one goal is to make sure that here at Acrev Solutions, we are constantly evolving, staying up to date, and improving our strategies. It is our job to handle all things billing.