Improving Patient’s Billing Experience

Many medical practices attempt to do their own medical billing, only to find that it takes time away from engaging with their patients. Not only does this decrease patient interaction, but it also puts added stress on medical staff by relying on them for in-house billing and coding. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem. Outsourcing your medical bill duties with Acrev Solutions will greatly improve your patient management and take the pressure off you and your medical staff. Here are some of the benefits of improving your patient’s billing experience with Acrev:

Better Patient Knowledge 

When dealing with your own medical billing, you can easily get caught up in other duties. Oftentimes you might realize that your patients did not have the necessary knowledge before leaving your medical office. Patients are constantly moving or changing phone numbers as well, which can get hard to keep track of. When you outsource your medical billing, you will have more time to make sure you have the correct patient information so you can provide them with accurate health advice. During the time you save by outsourcing medical billing, you could be informing patients about how to deal with their specific condition to prevent further health issues. 

Increase Patient Interaction

When you spend more time interacting with your patients, you get amazing feedback from them. When you are too busy with medical billing and coding, you become less responsive to your patients and they may begin to lack trust or assume you are not invested in their health. Increasing your patient interaction also motivates your patients to make positive changes to improve their health. You may even notice that they begin to communicate with you and your staff more and become more involved. Being readily available with your patients is important if they have questions as well. Some of these questions may include outstanding balances, financial assistance, tax-deductible health savings accounts, treatment plans, and more. It is important to stay on top of your patients’ questions to ensure that they are taking the right steps to better their health. 

Patient Satisfaction

Outsourcing your medical billing and coding will increase patient satisfaction overall. Because you are dedicated more time to their needs, they will respond positively to your services. Patients will be much more informed when you prioritize them, and therefore there will be no confusion about the steps they should take to help their medical conditions. This will also increase their level of trust with you as their medical provider and be encouraged to come back. Not only will their actual health go through drastic improvements, but so will their satisfaction at your medical facility. 

Acrev Solutions Billing 

Through Acrev Solutions billing you can receive integration with laboratory information systems, clean billing, coding, and collections, accession reconciliation to identify TNFB claims, clinical documentation assessment for compliance, pre-adjudication, and prior authorization, and more. Contact Acrev Solutions to make your life easier while effectively assisting your patients today!