How Billing+ Can Increase Patient Collection Rates

Many of our clients expressed how much billing can be a drain on company morale, resources, and takes away from focusing on efficiently running their laboratories. With years of experience regarding the laboratory billing industry, we have perfected cost-effective solutions to ensure your patients’ bills are paid promptly. Here at Acrev Solutions we offer Billing+, a fully managed laboratory billing service that offers curated options that work best for you. Our team has the expertise and confidence to increase your patient collection rates.

Single Point of Contact

Billing+ offers services and solutions found in one place, there’s no longer a need to purchase separate services. By having our services packaged together we provide an array of services that fulfill your needs, all the while making it more cost effective. You can find guidance on panels, reimbursement monitoring, and patient billing and customer service all in one place.

Patient Awareness

Our Patient Payment Program’s primary goal is to provide greater clarity to the patient’s bill and the consequences of not paying in a timely fashion. Our team’s ability to quickly connect with patients and truly understand their financial situation allows us to gain faster payment times and greater accounts receivable payments. With our plethora of knowledge, we’ve achieved excellence with our patient payment program, and you can finally feel at ease knowing transparency is always at the forefront.

Billing+ Boosts Patient Collection Rates

By providing convenience to all parties and a single point of contact it allows us to hone in on effective strategies tailored to increase your company’s profits. Acrev’s Billing+ is a one stop service where you find AR Management, LIMS Integration, and clean billing, all the while remaining cost effective in your company. With our expertise we enhance patient collection and equally provide exceptional customer service to all patients. Our approach is simple and yet very successful. While we are the leaders in the billing industry, we allow you to free up your time to do what you do best. Get started today by speaking to our expert consultants and let us design a plan meant for your company’s needs.