Flexible and Cost Effective Billing Services with Billing+

With Acrev Solutions Billing+ service, everything is bundled together and properly managed rather than purchasing services separately or a-la-cart. Below are details about what is included with Billing+ so that we can offer a solution to any need a laboratory may have.

LIMS Integration

There are many benefits in choosing LIMS Integration and outsourcing billing operations. Integrating patient and insurance demographics becomes more convenient as well as provider demographics, sales rep reporting, charges, and results. This ensures smooth billing and the opportunity to have cash flow from every single test all in a timely manner. 


Pre-Adjudication of a claim is the evaluation process of any and all components of said claim. These determine patient eligibility, benefits payable, and the like. If your company is dealing with denials for referral authorization, prior authorization, non covered services, and burning cash on high dollar services, then Pre-Adjudication is the best suited service to solve these problems. 

AR Management

Accounts Receivable management helps ensure that all dues are paid in a timely manner so that your company doesn’t have to worry about running out of working capital and can remain profitable. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with overdue payments and non-payments despite your efforts to avoid these difficulties, you could benefit from working with us here at Acrev Solutions.

Payment Posting

With an increasing number of patients also comes an increasing amount of payment collections. While this can be great for your business, it can also be stressful to manage all these individual payments. Working with Acrev Solutions can make the billing process much easier and allow you to focus on other important work in the office while still improving your collections. 

Patient Pay Program

Acrev Solutions provides a state-of-the-art patient payment program that focuses not just on reaching out more in a variety of ways but also on keeping the patient informed every step of the way. We strive to make sure that patients are aware of all pertinent information about their laboratory medical bills and minimize those patients’ risks of not paying the bill.

In addition to these services, Billing+ also offers help with:

  • Guidance on panels and reimbursement (payer-specific)
  • Clean billing, coding, and collections
  • Reimbursement monitoring on contracted and non-contracted insurance
  • Patient billing and customer service
  • Billing compliance
  • Clinical documentation assessment for compliance

Outsourcing your laboratory billing  with Billing+ will reduce your operating costs, improve your revenue, put an end to billing errors, and speed up the payment process. Choosing to outsource your laboratory billing comes with no cons. Create a stress-free billing environment for you and your patients by contacting Acrev Solutions today!