Combating Common EHR Complaints

An electronic health record (EHR) is like the sun of a patient’s medical history, everything such as future diagnoses, treatment plan, and laboratory data revolves around a patient’s EHR. The electronic health record can greatly improve patient care or do the exact opposite. However, in recent years the transition from paper medical records to electronic medical records has shown to be extremely valuable and constructive. The use of technology and the cloud to store all patient data has made it easier, faster, and made bringing high quality care more possible.  Electronic health records still pose their own set of challenges, even with all the benefits they bring there are still downfalls, just like everything. When running a company, it is in your best interest to be aware of these downfalls and common complaints, so that way you know how exactly to best face these challenges.

More Time on Computers and Less Time with Patients

One of the most common complaints of the EHR is health care professionals feel they spend more time staring at a computer than engaging with patients. After all, most team members of a healthcare organization sought out a job for the intention of being able to interact and provide patients with the best care possible. Which is why electronic health records have become frustrating to many. However, outsourcing your laboratory billing to Acrev Solutions, greatly reduces this problem by taking one factor out of the equation. At Acrev Solutions we handle the billing department completely, with Billing+, which ensures payments and guarantees billing is hassle free. You no longer need to stare at a list full of billing tasks on a computer. It allows our team to do what they love and your team to do the same, providing high caliber patient care.

Easier to Encounter Bill Inflation

Originally, the EHR was built to make billing easier and better patient care was just another extra plus. Nonetheless, health care professionals and companies are reporting a frequent problem, they now must face with the new age of electronic health records: upcoding. Upcoding is essentially bill inflation. The main reason as to why it has become an issue is because bill coding is a language and world of its own and learning it is a tedious and time-consuming task. But by outsourcing your laboratory billing to Acrev Solutions our experts are aware of all the intricacies of coding. Your company will never have to deal with upcoding, therefore increasing patient satisfaction rates.

How Acrev Solutions is Ready to Face All Challenges

Acrev Solutions offers an experienced approach when it comes to the laboratory billing industry. We are well equipped to handle all challenges, including common EHR complaints. Our many solutions, including Billing+ and our Patient Pay Program is aimed toward creating ease while still attaining a remarkable patient engagement platform. Touch base with us today!