Pre-Adjudication of a claim is the evaluation process of any and all components of said claim. These determine patient eligibility, benefits payable, and the like. If your company is dealing with denials for referral authorization, prior authorization, non covered services, and burning cash on high dollar services, then Pre-Adjudication is the best suited service to solve these problems.

The benefits include:
  • Reduction in referral authorization and prior authorization denials,
  • Medical necessity verification on each order prior testing through LCD and NCD lenses,
  • Expected reimbursement on each test,
  • Behavior trend for ordering provider on tests ordered, and
  • Validation of each order for complete records

Laboratory Medical Claim Pre-Adjudication

There are so many benefits when you choose our services and start implementing them. We know that every laboratory could gain a lot from a customized pre-adjudication process. Reach out today to Acrev Solutions to find out more and how your company can benefit from our pre-adjudication and Billing+ services.

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