With an increasing number of patients also comes an increasing amount of payment collections. While this can be great for your business, it can also be stressful to manage all these individual payments. Working with Acrev Solutions can make the billing process much easier and allow you to focus on other important work in the office while still improving your collections.

Specialized Payment Posting for Laboratories

Payment posting is the final step in a patient’s billing cycle. Once the EOB is received for a patient, Acrev Solutions payment posting services then reads and analyzes the EOB. With this analysis comes identifying payment patterns, frequency of inflows, percentage of insurance receivable, denials, amount outstanding percentage, and other insurance-related information. This examination also helps to develop a billing plan to ensure you are getting correct payments from patients, which play a big part in your own revenue.

Benefits of Payment Posting

When medical payment posting is done well, it will improve your own business and better your collections. Because the state of your revenue is dependent on how accurate and efficient your billing process is, it is in your best interest to pay as much attention to payment posting as possible. Unfortunately, keeping up with payment posting on your own can be time consuming and can end up overworking your staff. Acrev Solutions can help take this responsibility off your hands and provide detailed billing services.

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Payment posting is a vital part of the medical billing process and a critical step of the revenue cycle management. In order to avoid billing problems and increase cash flow, contact Acrev Solutions today!

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