Acrev Solutions was founded in April 2020 with a team that has several years of experience in laboratory billing.
Our offices are located in Wyoming, US and Pune, India. We have plans to expand our global footprint to more places within the US like Texas and Washington.
Acrev Solutions uses a combination of our onshore and offshore services to provide the most cost effective solutions to all of our clients. Both of our offices are extremely capable with reliable staff that produce effective laboratory billing services which enable our clients to focus on expanding healthcare operations.
We offer contingency based incentivised commercials to our clients under our laboratory billing service offering and ensure value-for-money is achieved within the cost-to-collect benchmarking.

No, we are capable and willing to adapt to your existing laboratory billing platform, our team has experience with all major PMS. We could also migrate your laboratory billing services to a different effective billing software for you. The software that we prefer to use can integrate with any LIS, sales portals, accounting system, etc.

If you want to own the contract with the PMS vendor you can and we can act as a backdoor biller. If Acrev Solutions owns the contract with the PMS then we cover the software cost but we are flexible to work with you how you want.

  • Integration with Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Accession reconciliation to identify TNFB (Tested Not Final Billed) claims
  • Clinical Documentation Assessment for Compliance
  • Pre-adjudication and Prior Authorization
  • Guidance on panels and reimbursement (payer specific)
  • Clean billing, coding and collections
  • Remittance Management (auto and manual posting) and Denial Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Reimbursement monitoring on contracted and non-contracted insurance
  • Timely AR follow-up and Appeals to minimise write-off and bad debt
  • Patient billing and customer service
  • Balance billing compliance

Acrev Solutions specializes in laboratory billing for Toxicology, Blood, Infectious Disease, Genetics, Molecular, Covid, and many more!

Absolutely we can! We are experts of genetic laboratory billing and understand all aspects of the laboratory billing process within the NCDs and LCDs by MAC contractors. Acrev Solutions can help you choose the appropriate reference lab, reviewing panel cost, expected reimbursement, billing guideline and crosswalk (payer specific) which will be available through our online dashboard tool.

Acrev Solutions Empowers You to Achieve Financial Resilience by Engaging our Laboratory Continuum Experts.

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